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TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL with offices in Romania is an agency for the selection, recruitment, training, provision, HR consulting and business services and complementary activities aimed at the development of the market labor.

The purpose of TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL is to allow its customers to achieve a competitive advantage through analysis of the opportunities and economic benefits that the agency makes available: clear requirements, streamlined work, identification of market scenarios, dynamism and flexibility understood as the ability to change strategies in response to the changing conditions of risk/opportunity in order to enjoy a reduction of time and costs as well as improving services and products.

"The future is in the eyes of those who look the farthest"

OUR VISION is to look to the future in order to build a solid and reliable present in the new labour market, providing tools to manage the flexibility that businesses need and at the same time managing new opportunities for workers, so that everyone can find the job that best meets their aspirations.

It is not just a slogan but the projection of a future scenario that reflects the values and the spirit of enterprise: the importance of seeking innovative solutions and to spur the younger generation so they do not settle for satisfactory but they try to grow beyond that, with transparency, reliability, commitment, respect for individuals, respect for the law and a sense of responsibility. In this process of development there are many aspects, including those pertaining to the personal and occupational history of the employer, goals, interests, company, society, and work culture.

A company based on the present but looking at the future

TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL's MISSION focuses on the present and describes clearly what to do and what tools to use to achieve future goals both in terms of internal goals for business growth, and external goals regarding client's culture as a unique and true resource whose success and satisfaction becomes the key to understanding our statement. Mission & Vision are two complementary aspects, since in order to implement a Vision it is necessary to develop projects that, from time to time, take their shape through a Mission and clear, achievable, identifiable, measurable, obtainable, verifiable and quantifiable objectives.

Developing the senses of an organization: the hearing from thousands of interviews, the sight from thousands of searches and the voice from hundreds of consultants to make a difference in the job market in support of companies that often have to face the uncertainty of the future, need timely and clear answers at an affordable and competitive strategic cost for the entire business or one of its departments. TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL is an ideal partner: it is dynamic, growing, and eager to keep up with the times to ensure professional skills and an organization capable to transform the many job market issues into fast and practical solutions.

Service planning

  • The main elements of the requested service are identified by analyzing the expressed and unexpressed specific needs of the client and the individual responsibilities regarding statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • We demonstrate to our clients that we have the necessary qualifications to carry out the activity by presenting the necessary documentations certifying legality and reliability and making them available in a special "reserved area" of our website;
  • We enter into specific agreements designed specifically for the client so that the service meets all its needs.
  • Through a network of reliable and qualified professionals, we meet at the client's office to answer every question without any obligation;
  • We define the monitoring and control procedures of the service to be provided;
  • We carry out specific selection, recruitment and training in order to ensure a high level of candidate's performances;
  • We provide the service collecting the related records and providing the client with the requested documentation through a shared database
Management, being also aware that service quality depends largely on the skills of the staff performing activities that affect the quality of the service offered, pays particular attention to the training and education of an efficient workforce, ensuring the necessary resources to satisfy to the changes and pressure of a constantly developing market and the requests of an increasingly more demanding and selective clientele.


Establishing and continuously improving a management system for the provision of labour that is periodically subjected to internal audits, revisions, updates also on the basis of the continuous development of the market and different customer expectations;
An ongoing review of customer needs and “feedback" of services offered to be able to identify areas of improvement and growth space;
Prompt monitoring in order to perceive at once customer dissatisfactions toward us;
Training of all the organization staff towards the sharing of objectives and strategies to make it committed, responsible and aware of the importance of their implementation;
Optimization of costs related to the quality of services so that services are provided not only at the most competitive cost but always in line with customer expectations and "expected” quality so as to minimize the gap between perceived service and service effectively provided;
Identification of methodologies and monitoring criteria of the client's main objectives in order to translate them into service requirements
Each service provided by TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL is carried out by qualified operators that are properly trained to operate according to the internal procedures issued by the company and those established by the authorities including laws, regulations or orders. The service is promptly provided within the time frames established with the client.

The company makes available to its own staff equipment and tools suitable to provide a reliable and accurate service. For each agreement acquired, the person in charge, according to competences and responsibilities, follows the service in compliance with the corporate procedures including the established forms of self-control, being responsible for completion of the requested service.

Supported by an information system with special software, each service carried out by TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL is always visible, shareable and its status identifiable. Very often in business, promptness, efficiency and autonomy can make a difference. For this reason, TECNOMUNCA INTERNATIONAL chose to make available to its customers a tool capable to optimize these aspects through a web portal based on the most modern technologies, and its own "CUSTOMER" area through which it can access on-line all files and contractual documentation immediately:
Private area
All users may access it to check the documentation concerning the documentation that the company has in terms of licenses for its activities, bank guarantees, Chamber of Commerce certificates, etc.
Customer area
Employees area

Tecnomunca International


Str. Episcop Nicolae Ivan, nr. 5-7, ap.1, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Mobil: +40 740.035.531
Tel. / Fax: +40 364 133 526
E-mail: office@tecnomunca.com

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